Doctor Goo (Doctor Who)

Brocoli Spears (Brittany Spears)

Banana Montana (Hannah Montana)

Taylor Miffed (Taylor Swift)

Groanas Brothers (Jonas Brothers)

Lady GooGoo (Lady Ga Ga)

Goo Fighters (Foo Fighters)

49 Pence (50 Cent)

Hairosniff (Aerosmith)

Pussycat Poppets (Pussycat Dolls)

Dustbin Beaver (Justin Bieber)

DJ Quack (DJ Quik)

Simon Growl (Simon Cowell)

Tyra Fangs (Tyra Banks)

Avril LaScream (Avril Lavigne)

Katy Scary (Katy Perry)

Scare Bears (Care Bears)

Beanie Blobs (Beanie Babies)

My Little Mutant (My Little Pony)

Weevil Kneevil (Evil Kneevil)

Mt.Sillimanjaro (Mt.Killimanjaro)

Fablo Fiasco (Pablo Picaso)

Hairy Rotter ( Harry Potter)

Hermitty Ginger (Hermione Granger)

Griffensnor House (Griffendor House)

Indiana Groans (Indiana Jones)

Father Twistmas (Father Christmas)

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