Moshi monsters dr strangeglove

Mostro city's most feared villan DR. STRANGEGLOVE!

Dr. Strangeglove is one of Monstro City's most feared and ancient enemies - he wears a white hand and a purple glove. He also has a top hat worn with purple ribbon round the bottom. He has blue stripy trousers and pink eyes. He has a walking stick with a golden walking stick with a picture of a skull. The skull is the CLONC symbol.

He runs a group named C.L.O.N.C./strange moshis and there are members working for C.L.O.N.C. - Dr Strangegelove, Sweet tooth, Robo-Quack and Sprocket. Sweet tooth first appeared talking to Dr Strangeglove in and then showed himself in person in Mission 4. Sprocket was heard of in Mission 5. He had ordered to Robo Quacks to make a camera named Holga take Lady GooGoo's voice. At the end you unlock Holga and Lady GooGoo's voice is restored. The glumps all work for Dr. Strangeglove too. He turns innocent monster's moshlings into glumps with his glumping machine.

Dr Strangeglove also appears round the corner from the fountain. He sees you then jumps back round the corner again. Also Dr Strangeglove has graduated with Elder Furi released in the Daily Growl in July 2011. He has his fingers crossed a piece of paper hanging from his arm and a scroll in his arm - some believe it is not the real Dr Strangeglove.&nbsp